Under The Light of The New Sun – Private security service spirituality

The private security service spirituality

  All This started when moving to an apartment just in front of a local TV channel building. My presence for their Private Security Service was a kind of a new one in the neighbourhood, but this private security service started look my coming and goings, at first with a normal curiosity. Weeks passing, my entire working schedule was drawn and my presences and absences were checked all right too, OK.  So, it is that in their extroverted, tropical, reactive and hormonal low-land heads, politically right or extreme right wing, their curiosity about me and my job have made their way to finally focus their attention on me, specially when discovering I worked in Travel Business, OK. 

So, it was with envy and frustration that this (whitetoid) people have found this as an humiliation, and only because me as a redskin. For them it was a kind of “racist” humiliation, and because indifferent tolerance was not possible in their minds, they started to stare on me to finally cannibalise me, if possible….
By here whiteoids looks like an aggressive, ignorant and dirty brutal witheoid-yellowish coloured mix people looking like a typical Bere-Bere ethnic tribe belonger. Probably, they have this roots, following a chat I’ve had once  with one of them, Ok. We all have a history of our lives,..  Nevertheless, as usual Me, I was just continue doing my way a working  for a living as any other, but simply because I am skillful and excellent for what I do, this ha ¡s been understood this otherwise, differently by this people. 
And probably, because my natural strenght, my aura, my coming and goings, all this was felt too arrogant and disdained, when related with their daily working out. 
So, what happened? It is by there that the evil inside of them woke up and took their minds, to finally let them realise that they wanted to do equal. Consequence, suddenly, their non-verbal presence started to be seen on the screen, they were there and were ugly people in the context…lol
So them, this new goal framed, the first move they’ve made was going  inside my apartment, looking for a tool, a clue, something, and what they have found?…It was my bibliotheque and my esoteric books, and this readings have blown out their minds, even  until now though…lol. 
So, because of this founding/discovering, they decided to get inside this esoteric knowledge life-style, to do the enhance of their ambitionst, always wanting to beyond their highest expectations. Nevertheless in their private security job mind, wanting to participate in my working life-time enhance, a highly intelligent and performant sector of the economy. This was an odd and a challenge, but wanting to be on at all cost, this started to be the case for the grace and/or disgrace of all people contacted by them …lol.  Time passing by, their visits at home in my absence became frequent, all this for repeating mantras, doing rituals, looking for paranormal powers, illumination and immortality…(lol). All that was known by me, nevertheless saying nothing I just let things going by, For them, if it was for the best or the worse, it was not important, the question was to be inside…and suddenly everyone wanted to participate…(lol),. So, in the serious looking of this supposed unimaginable new horizons, in this new cosmogony in front of them, their behaviour started to change, following the new Truth of life recently discovered…(lol). For them it was Ophir that was found and they wanted t keep it only for them….
Time passing by, this enhance started to go their way in their minds and they all realised that in past lives they were artists, mystics, spiritual transcendent people, etc. …so much this has arrived to be the case that even one the most perverted among them, supposedly becoming a visionary, started to have serious contacts with extraterrestrials, and very generous, he/she started to do strict and selective surveillance at the entrance of all possible UFO flying in the area,….lol. 
So, finally because too much talking like nuts about it with all people around them, this arrived to shape their way. ….And it is the devil inside of them that sparked again in their minds…So a new and bright idea appeared in the heads, specially with all this new powers recently found. And what was it?. It was to create a New Order, a New Culture a New Structure, the creation of a New behaviour having with directives and rules for a New Society, with new people in a new life,OK….lol,  
So, for starting this project they decided to do a formal public presentation of their supposed illuminated, immortal and dislocated philosophical madness and once this organised, for seven days enduring (esoteric number) they presented themselves in society…. 
The title of this seminary had an exclusive and selective name of  “Our New Own Philosophical Visionary Strenght From Now On”. 
Lecturers invited were among the best and they were all Fantastic, Beautiful…. But none of this Private Security Service workers have even said a word. They just proudly remained present, in a very much ludicrous and fastidious attitude at the first row in front of the Lecturers and that was all,…OK that  too. 
——————————— nous sommes du soleil


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