Under The Light of The New Sun – Hello

.. and it was, when back home in the city, thinking about this journey made that a quite unexpected and curious phenomena happened in my mind…

….and this immediately starting to be so sudden and insistently present inside of me, This New Perceptual Reality…so much present, huge and surprisingly amazing perception started to be in whatever event, people or other getting my attention, where all matters calling, wanting to be recognised in this immanent strenght expression, ok…,

And finally, everything was recognised by their true depth and immanent strenght around me… flashing in my mind, time after time, all time… wow…YES !!!

I’ve always believe in this kind of magical visuals, nevertheless when this being and becoming so present, this new magical, mystical, surrealistic perception of life, I’ve realised how simple and easy it was this to be seen and connected with, …ok

This fascinating and amazing visual/existential experience have made my mind for 2 or 3 years then after…. these times were and continue being a really a kind of wow to me…,YES!!!

nous sommes du soleil


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