Under The Light of The New Sun

In the mystic of this Recencet, New Sunlight brighting high in the deep blue sky,

…and when on the road once again,…lol… and Walking along this so extremely huge, flat, empty, wide, wonderful and unique landscape…I’ve found life was amazing….ok

OK, when facing life and walking back home, life was harsh, ok. The Sun was a burning Sun, the nights were frozen night, it was terribly ok…

The days passing by in the breathing of the telluric strenght atmosphere,
The very first deep feeling was Peace, taken inside of me breathing, the long walking…., ok
This air then after turning my mind into an always wanted, beloved, mystic and magical reality…
this was just a dream coming to be true….luminous, illuminating even… to realise that I was getting into the hyper light of this ethereal and eternal telluric atmosphere,…YES !!! .All that was unique and wonderful…ok

Nevertheless, life is life.
The more we were approaching to the city, the more more I went back into objective reality too, ok. That’s must be life too…ok

nous sommes du soleil


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