Under The Light of The New Sun


This story about living under the light of a new Sun just started by 2003

And all this happened in my travelling business working context when, following harsh social atmosphere, I’ve finally found myself facing a road 120 kms long to go back home….walking , ok (lol)
We were Me, the driver and main mechanising boss…realising ourselves and walking the long way back home…ok …lol

Well,.this has finally made four days way long ….walking along the Andean high-plateau to finally arrive home,….Four days….ok

This journey, walking for days and despite all odds, have shaped a beautiful experience…, So deeply peaceful, magical, surrealistic and wonderful this was….

This journey is among the greatest and unique performances I’ve made,.. performance because when at work this is what I do… always, ok

When finally, when waking up at home, in total pain and realising so much this huge walking performance was considered epic to me, I considered that hearing PF – The Dark Side of The Moon would be a kind of anthem for this unimaginable experience…ok

….and it was when hearing the last song of this album “Eclipse” that the spark made the fire,
….the illumining light fire of my inspiring perception until now, YES…!!! ….
It was by that very moment, when hearing the lyrics of this song that I realised possible to imagine and see a new lifetime concept.
A new life cycle, a new existential perception of life “Under The Light of The New Sun”….this was the seed that time, ….

Today, this strenght continue flowering and blossoming, when looking back that wonderful past time,
this continue an ever always wanting to blossom, pushing and yelling even to be under this new sunlight lifetime we live today,
this idea, this enhance continue irradiating their strenght, always claiming to be present now and now and now …
so much this existential relativity has made their way today among people and in all social contexts

These incredible times happened in October 2003 and it is called Black October by here today, ok


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